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Sheriff's Message

I want to thank all the citizens of Columbia County for the support and confidence they have given my office.

We have made several technological advances that have improved our service to the public including an updated Bench Warrant management procedure. My office clears over 1000 Bench Warrants per year and we're on track to clear 100 warrants per month. In addition, we actively serve warrants for the 4 District Magistrates in Columbia County.

Our deputies logged over 80,000 miles transporting prisoners, some very dangerous. We provide courtroom security for Judge Norton and Judge James. The most dangerous task our deputies perform is the service of a PFA (Protection From Abuse). This requires the removal of an alleged abuser from the household, and the confiscation of firearms and weapons from that household.

Our deputies also serve thousands of civil process writs annually. Our website provides information about the Sheriff's Office and our duties. It includes an active Bench Warrant List, an interactive online application for a license to carry firearms and a list of monthly real estate Sheriff's Sales.

I was recently honored to be the president of the Pennsylvania Sheriff's Associationactively working with our legislators in the Statehouse to promote saftey for our deputies and citizens along with other Sheriffs from around the state in support of House Bill 466. It amends Title 42 (Judiciary) further providing for powers and duties of sheriffs and deputy sheriffs by stating that all sheriffs and deputy sheriffs who have successfully completed the same type of training as municipal police officers may exercise the same powers as municipal police officers to make arrests, without warrants, for all crimes and offenses. Also, the bill states that every sheriff and deputy sheriff would have the powers, duties, responsibilities and immunities conferred on municipal police officers generally and specifically under sections 8952 (relating to primary municipal police jurisdiction) and 8953 (relating to Statewide municipal police jurisdiction). In a post-911 world we all must be vigilant and work together.

It is my promise to uphold the statutory and constitutional standards of the office. I have released our 2020 Income Report to provide transparency to the public. As your Sheriff I will work with all law enforcement, homeland security, and first responder agencies in order to provide a safer community for the citizens we serve. I am honored to serve all the citizens of Columbia County.

Timothy T. Chamberlain

Sheriff of Columbia County